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New Publication on Unveiling the Impact of Oddball Interview Questions on Organizational Personality Perceptions

May 22, 2023

In a new publication by Don Zhang and RANDM Lab alum John-Luke McCord, we examine oddball interview questions and their influence on organizational personality perceptions. This study sheds light on the impact of unconventional interview techniques on job seekers' perceptions of an organization's personality traits, such as innovativeness and stylistic qualities. The findings offer significant insights for HR professionals, recruiters, and organizational decision-makers aiming to optimize their recruitment processes and create a strong organizational fit.

Key Findings

The study finds that organizations that incorporate oddball interview questions are perceived as more innovative and stylistic by job seekers. This indicates that these unique interview queries have the power to shape the perception of an organization's personality. However, despite positively impacting organizational personality perceptions, oddball interview questions did not significantly enhance job seekers' overall attraction to the organization.

Implications for Recruitment Strategies:

The research highlights the need for a balanced approach to interviews, combining both traditional and unconventional questions. While oddball interview questions can contribute to perceptions of an organization's innovativeness and stylistic qualities, they should not be solely relied upon to improve recruitment success.

To optimize recruitment strategies, practitioners should consider incorporating a mix of traditional and oddball questions. This approach allows for the assessment of candidates' adaptability, creativity, and cultural fit while taking into account their overall attraction to the organization.


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